Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Training Log: Day 33

Been off for a bit. Between regularity issues and a clean up, there hasn't been much opportunity to work out. Two more weeks of prep, and then I'm changing the routine. Finally finished my list. I'll alternate between anterior and posterior chain days, with bodyweight exercises between weighted sets. Have to start doing more sprints and stretching in the morning. I think I'll pump it up to a 5 day on, two off split for 3 weeks and see how I feel. So that will start the day I get back, Oct. 25. Got my tickets and everything.


Ushiro's line about doing kata 24/7 has been whispering to me. Spend some time with a kata and open up your mind and the possibilities are intimidating. You never know what you find until you look. So I'm going to start working through the kata that I don't know, spending a day, on each. Just thinking and feeling them out. It never occurs to you how superficially you know the forms until you dig a little deeper. Use your imagination. That's really the kata's strength: it engages your mind in what your body's doing. If someone told you what every move was, that's all the move would be. But at the beginning of Seisan, no one told me whether these were blocks or backfists. So they're both and neither at the same time. Just a movement that your body wants to do naturally, inhibited by fear.

Inhibited by fear to learn a new kata? What do I have to lose?


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