Thursday, September 23, 2010

Training Log: Day 18

Couple of sprinting sessions today and on Day 15. It is very important not to see these as warm-ups for weights. They are very strenuous on their own. And they certainly require they're share of recuperative time. After the hills sprint session on Monday, I had mild but persistent soreness in my hams. Don't look on them as prep for something else. We sprint to get faster.

Sprinting today was a task. 10 seconds hard for every minute 30 jogging. Started to feel stitches now and again. Belly breathing helps; vacuums would help more. Transitioning between jogging and sprinting and I could feel how weak my core and illiopsoas are. I have to consciously tighten them just to transfer power from my hips to my legs to the ground. Everything is flopping all over the place. It's pathetic and I can't imagine how bad it looks.

Again, important to limit the length of jogging. Above 15 continuous minutes the stress hormones start to take a toll on hypertrophy.


Went to UMAC yesterday. That sensei, Lou Milonas...I want to be him someday. Beautiful facility. He even likes mixing it up with the guys. He has skills know. Looking at the guys in the MMA they all seem to have their strengths yet they were somehow lacking. They seemed one dimensional. The guy that always goes for takedowns, the guy that always goes for the clinch. I could see the potential for injury though - some of them had no idea how strong they are. If I was to go, I'd have to get a good training partner and really start easy. And really limit how often I spar: the stress hormones of fighting are probably a lot higher than the levels during jogging or lifting - so you need more healing time. But I definitely need to experience the speed of someone coming full blast.


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