Saturday, September 04, 2010

Training Log: Day 2

Unbearable soreness and unbearable anticipation. Pace yourself. We're going to spend these next 6 weeks focusing on triceps, erector spinae, forearms and abdominals. Pullup hanging requires forearm strength. Can't wait to do monkey makers and hang from one arm. Triceps will make l-sit, dips and ring work easier. Abs and erector spinae are my weakest muscles, by far. Seems like a good system, working on the weakest links first. Strengthen from the bottom.

In order of patheticness, my worst muscles are:

1. Abs/erector spinae 2. Triceps 3. Forearms 4. Hamstrings 5. Abductors and Adductors 6. Shoulders 7. Glutes 8. Biceps 9. Quad 10. Calves 11. Pecs 12. Lats/Traps

Jogging has helped with my quads, pullups with my back and support position with my chest. Everything else has been neglected, and needs some quality time.

Wanted to put down some Christmas goals, some birthday goals and some lofty goals -

By Christmas:
15 pullups
75 pushups
20 static dips
10 ring dips
10 handstand pushups (hspus)

By 10 Feb 2011:
20 pullups
85 pushups
25 static dips
15 ring dips
15 hspus
1 muscle up

By Khalid's 29th Birthday (Year Two):
30 pullups
100 pushups
30 static dips
20 ring dips
20 hspus
10 muscle-ups

I will be strong when:

I can do a one handed handstand.
I can do a Planche/Bower/Erb.
I can do a Chest roll to a HSPU/Roesler.
I can do a front lever row.
I can do a one arm chin.
I can do a Galimore.
I can do a Young.
I can do side lever pulls.
I can do a Manna.
I can do a 360 pull.



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