Monday, September 06, 2010

Training Log: Day 4

My lower back was punished yesterday. Gonna have to rest today, just to be on the safe side. They felt like balloons that were going to pop. Have to be very careful with my form and the weight. I had a horrible pulled back muscle around a year ago, couldn't even bend over. When your body says no, it says it very loudly. But this has to be done, and done now. These muscles, my posture, they're so important for fighting. Bruce Lee said that if you don't have good core strength you have no business doing any serious sparring. When I feel the tension in my midsection at full exertion compared to at rest, it occurs to me how much force those muscles could generate, more that I can even imagine now. PUSH YOURSELF.

On a side note, hot cold therapy in the shower seemed to help alot with DOMs, barely feel it now. Question is: will I feel it again next time I do squats?


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