Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Training Log: Day 5

It's so strange looking at my old training log. How long its lay fallow and unused. The written record of starts and stops, intense passion followed by waning interest. It's like a metaphor for me: so much potential, so little conviction. So much preparation, so little dedication. Such fine planning for such poor execution.

I forgot how hard Archer pushups are. Everything on rings is hard but, I just couldn't trust myself with the Archers. It's a dangerous exercise if you aren't completely steady - it could easily spell a dislocated shoulder and I can't afford to do that again. In fact we'll replace it with normal pushups until we can do at least 2:00 in support position. Can't afford to get injured - especially when working alone.

Vacuums. The missing factor in abdominal work. Have to concentrate on the end of the motion, really move your belly button to you spine.

Wear the weight vest when doing plank. Don't be afraid to make static work harder. Dynamic work can pull muscles and dislocate stuff. But static work - make them harder. PUSH YOURSELF.

Good job, though. In repeating these workouts two weeks from now, we have to have a focus on doing the same or more work in less time. Today's routine took 41 minutes. Two weeks from now it should take 37 at most.


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