Thursday, December 16, 2010

"What We Did Wrong?"

I just had an inspirational idea here at Belmont House. I see all these old people walk by, weighed down by their regrets and buoyed by their hopes for their grandkids and it occurred to me: why don't we ask what they did wrong? In life, in love. Everyone kinda likes to get their big regrets off their chest. Old people have the added benefit of knowing that their trials might actually help someone if the lesson is learned early.

It is said that history repeats itself. If that's the case, then the main reason would be that we don't often talk about our biggest mistakes. What were the biggest mistakes that they made in their personal lives. What were the biggest mistakes that they felt their generation made? What (if any) assumptions did they act on that turned out to be wrong? What knowledge could be more informative, and more useful?

But instead we live in a world where our mistakes just sit on our chests and we wait for us to die or get so old that we forget them. But there is another way to be rid of them: say them aloud. Teach the lesson you learned. Don't let it be for nothing. A lot of the people here feel like it was for nothing and the future is doomed. Well here's an idea...

Help us do things differently.


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