Monday, September 25, 2017

Here's the thing about Trump...

Whether you consider him to be a politician or a person, the thing about Trump is: he attacks his enemies in such a way that they almost invariably unite against him.  Whereas other people would be content to play enemies off one another, he almost encourages resistance to come at him from all sides.  Who makes enemies of Football and Basketball players in the same weekend?  Who else basically forces the most recognizable people in sports to speak out against them?  Who or what else could unite LeBron, Steph, NFL players and NFL owners uniformly against anything other than say, cancer?

Donald Trump is seemingly driven by one thing and one thing only: saying whatever he thinks will increase his appeal to the person standing in front of him.  Would he have the total conviction of his beliefs to call all football players unpatriotic in a room full of the most popular athletes in the country or to deny the Warriors from coming to the White House before he first realized that they didn't want to come?  He's an opportunist and the thing about him is he's so short-sighted that he doesn't see that the horizon is filling with people who don't particularly agree on anything save for their contempt for him.