Monday, September 10, 2012

Waiting to be forgotten

Hello Grandtots,

My auntie Marilyn died last night. Cancer. I lost my job at the OAA last week. It was a little unfair but I'll get over it. I've been noting that some of my old coworkers have been trying to keep in touch with me. And it occurs to me how much of our lives is just waiting to be forgotton by people who don't see us anymore. How long will it be before I can barely remember my Auntie's face?  How long will it be before my face is completely forgotten by everyone at the OAA? Forgetting is important. It's what allows us to move forward. It's a shame that a living breathing person - someone that you liked or cared about - should be relegated only to a distant memory. But in life we don't have time to waste even though we sometimes convince ourselves that we do.



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