Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Night delight

My heart felt light standing at the door.  She was smiling, ushered me in.  She sat me down, disappeared.   She was gone.  Then suddenly, I could smell her.  The air around me felt warm.  I looked around but couldn't find her.  I looked up behind me.  She was upside down.  Her cheeks were round from smiling. Her lips fell on mine, pressed up against mine.  It felt like she was swallowing me whole.

She climbed over the couch and fell in my lap.  She wore something thin.  She was so close, her skin was so close.  I wanted to beg her to let me touch her.  I was about to.  She kissed me and stood up and took me by the hand, pulled me along behind her.

Such a shame.  It all felt so real.


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