Monday, October 01, 2018

The Cost of Winning at all Cost

Watched the hearings.  If I hadn't, this cartoon would have just got my attention. But after watching the hearings and having a daughter, i can't remember an image ever making me so angry.  And really it comes down to how brazen the GOP is. They just have no shame...all they want to do is win, even if that isn't what is best for their own families and their own country. 

Any halfway decent man would know that they disqualified themselves from a job like president or supreme court justice the moment they assaulted someone like that.  But they don't even care about the conceit of decency that they themselves claimed to bring to the world.  If Kavanaugh was a decent man, he'd 1) know that he wasn't worthy of the job and withdraw or 2) he wouldn't have anyone speaking against him in the first place.  The fact of the second is reason enough for him to not to deserve the job and the fact of the first just means that he has absolutely no shame.  

What kind of person strenuously covets and pursues a job when they don't deserve it?  It isn't a matter of opinion. The proof that he doesn't deserve it is the fact that Dr. Ford stood before Congress and said that he didn't.  

Everyone knows this and it couldn't matter less whether the the flaw in the man's decency was a single lapse or a lifetime pattern: he's applying for a job that he'll have for the rest of his life.  He has to be a paragon, and he has to be universally regarded as such.  

But the GOP in particular seems conspicuously composed of people who both have no shame and do whatever the hell they want to do without a moment of concern for how it looks. And this concern for power absent anything else is such a short-sighted path, a path to irrelevance, because you keep on elevating people who have no greater claim to being elevated than the next person.  Any notion of the cream rising to the top is gone.  Their own authority and credibility is diminished each time they use someone who is not beyond reproach as an example to and for others.

With as many lawyers as they have in that country, how hard would it be to find someone else that had no one to speak personally against them?  If there is even one person in the country that had enough of a beef against a nominee for a lifetime job to swear on a bible and talk in front of strangers, that nominee isn't good enough.    

But that's the story of America these days:  'not good enough' is good enough for them.


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