Thursday, October 15, 2009

Drip, drip


I just wanted to mention what I'm up to. I'm taking undergraduate courses at UofT after having graduated, so I can up my GPA. I have this course in Practical Immunology and the midterm is next week Wednesday. I've always had time management problems and I've managed to elude gaining this one skill by falling back on natural faculties, but I feel it catching up with me more and more.

Time is the only real lesson at university. Learning how to use it, prioritize it, ration it. I don't like the term 'make the most of time' because it suggests that you can't be productive procrastinating. You sure can, it just wouldn't be productive in an academic way. My friend used to do that all the time: she'd do housekeeping when she had to study. Productive, just not conducive to getting a good grade. We all do such strange things in our mind.

So this course is my little test: not test of the material, but test of myself. I have to stick to the little drip, drip of studying over the next 6 days. I have to manage my time like it's the last thing I do. I'm bright but if I don't learn this last lesson, I won't be bright when it counts.

- K


Blogger Prasanna said...

i have this probelm too esp. when it comes to shit i really am not interested in but have to do anyway.

i find it helps to read quotes about why procrastrination is not good when i feel myself wanting to fuck off for awhile.

hows this one for you:

"How soon 'not now' becomes 'never'.”

marinate on that and stop reading comments and STUDY!

3:47 pm  

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