Sunday, March 29, 2009



Grandpa here. I hope your doing well in school. Why aren't you studying now? :-) I went for a jog two days ago, two miles there and back. At the park that I ran to, I did some gymnastic rings exercises - pushups, decline rows and dips. My arms were shaking like crazy. It's been so hard for me to be consistent, to be disciplined. I wonder if you have that problem too, if maybe not being able to stick to a plan is genetic. I'll try harder and hopefully you will too.

I have a test and a paper due at school this week. I was procrastinating, and worrying about procrastinating and procrastinating by worrying when I got some good news. I got an 87% on a test I took a few weeks back. You know how smart your grandpa is, but, I have to confess, I still get surprised when I get A's. Almost as if I don't believe that I should get A's, that I deserve them. I hope I'm there for you when you feel that way, so I can tell you how much I love you, and how much you do deserve them. Because we all deserve good things. We just don't always do what it takes to get what we deserve.

I've been working at this nursing home for the last month or so. I see these old folks and their families walking around, and how they get along. Everytime I come here, I feel an overwhelming urge to write to you all. I want you to know that I was young once and how I thought and felt, when I was strong and able, before I got to be forgetful and a little embarrassing. I look at these elderly people and I wonder what they would say if they could still say it, what's stuck in the pipes, trying to get out to no avail. When you see me next, what will I try to say that I've forgotten? Well, hopefully, like with the jogging and exercise thing, I'll stick to this log and write enough here that you won't have to wonder. Hopefully I'll write enough that you'll know everything I had to say, good and bad.

I never really knew my grandparents. My parents loved them so much, and I didn't know them at all. I find that sad, sad to the point of offensiveness. How could something like that happen? If my brother came up to me with a girl at his side and said, "Oh, Rhonda? I've loved her my whole life, didn't I introduce you two already?" how would I feel? That's why I'm devoting my next entry to your great-grandparents. Without a doubt Patricia Veronica Eileen Rogers and Anthony Leroy Devonish are the reason why I was at all, why these words even exist. I love them so much - as much as you love your parents - and now I'm going to tell you why...



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