Monday, October 01, 2007

The Limitlessness of Love

I dreamt of you last night. First time in years. That little voice in my subconscious, crying out for hope. You're near, I can feel it. But you made your intentions clear, and I'll always respect that. You told me what you wanted, and what you didn't and you made it clear where we stand. I've moved on. I've let go. I've given up. Haven't I? When I think to myself that I want to see you, is it me saying that, or the little voice?

We were in a room together. The walls were filled with holes. The holes filled with arrows, poised to strike. There was danger all around. You stood before me - we started fighting. You took a stance, struck with your fist so gracefully. I moved to you, controlled you, swept you softly to the ground. You were smiling. We did it again and again. You smiling again and again.

Why do I remember your face so clearly? How can anyone fill someone's heart with so much joy, and dread, and resignation at the same time? When will this feeling inside of me finally go away? Should I listen to this little voice inside and go to you? Is that my heart speaking? Time is not providing a solution.


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